Walls of Hope is more than renovations and pretty things. We are about community and the power of people who put their lives aside and give selflessly to make the community better.

It never ceases to amaze our leadership team what changes can happen, for and within a family unit or a community agency, when compassionate people come together to transform living and/or work spaces and provide life enhancing services (when required).
The funny thing is, we feel it makes the volunteer feel better instead.

I invite you to experience the magic of volunteering at: a Walls of Hope family or community agency project, a Dream Room’s project or a Hope for The Holidays project; contributing in some way to make a positive impact in other people’s lives.
Besides changing a special family’s life or adding value to the amazing things that deserving community agencies are doing; it may just end up changing yours!
This is the what our volunteers say is, the “Walls of Hope Experience”

Thank you to everyone for your love and support in making dreams come true and restoring hope… “one family at a time… one community agency serving many at a time….
Special thank you to our leadership team who truly makes everything happen.

Walls of Hope Founder: Sera Mansueto

Please click on the video to the lower right portion of this page or browse our website and blog for more: photos, videos, testimonials and info on who were are and how we strive to enrich lives.

We are pleased to announce that Sera, guiding the Walls of Hope team, was recognized as 1 of 60,000 Canadians for the Queens Diamond Jubilee Award. (click here to learn more)




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